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Who We Serve

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    Live, Love, Breathe for COPD Patients

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    5K Race/Walk

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    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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    3rd Leading Cause of Death

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    COPD Kills Every 4 Minutes

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    12 Million+ Diagnosed

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    12 Million+ Undiagnosed

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    A Leading Cause of Disability

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    Usually Occurs at Age 40 or Over

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    COPD Honoree Walk

The Race

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!!! And their off.   A Great Big Thank You goes to all of our participants.  Without you our goals could not be reached.

Our Story

One of the worst things that a loved one does not want to hear from the doctor is "At this point all we can do is to keep her comfortable."

Our Benefactors

We wish to raise enough money to help prevent or cure COPD.  After our first 5K run last year we had donated the proceeds to...



Our Mission

To host an annual community 5K Walk/Run event in support of individuals fighting COPD. We want to increase public awareness of this deadly disease, and with proactive education we can work together to fight for the freedom to breathe! Help us raise the funds necessary to find a cure for COPD!


Live, Love, Breathe

Thank you for your interest in supporting the COPD Foundation, especially through our 5K Walk/Run Event! Our 3rd Annual 5K Walk/Run Event will be held on Saturday, August 26, 2017, 8:00 am at Heritage Park.. Day of event registration begins at 7:00 am.

Mary Jo Byrne Association


At 5K4MJ, our efforts are built on a mission and vision with the purpose to serve our pulmonary disease community in the Kansas City area. Since 2012, we’ve dedicated time, resources, energy, and passion towards raising funds through an annual 5K event as a means to support the fight against pulmonary disease.  We are excited to announce that within only three years, we’ve officially outgrown ourselves. In May 2015, 5K4MJ has begun to transition as a division of  a larger and more impactful organizational structure: Mary Jo Byrne Association.

For those that know us, and for those who knew Mary Jo – this transition makes sense.  Even those who didn’t know Mary Jo – this transition introduces opportunities.  It allows for a growth plan that will only further benefit those that we serve.  It holds true, and puts us in a position to deepen our fundraising abilities, expands our supportive community outreach, and strengthens our roots in the fight against pulmonary diseases.

Even though our identity is growing, and 5K4MJ is becoming a division of a larger organization, here are the basics of our organization that are holding true to who we are as service-based organization:
·    We will maintain a positive growth (plan) of our family-based, non-profit organization; 
·    We will remain dedicated to fundraising and building awareness for pulmonary disease;
·    We will continue to financially contribute to the Kansas City metropolitan area families and pulmonary rehab patients;
·    We will always donate a portion of our fundraising proceeds to national and local research to find a cure;  
·    Most importantly, we will still host our annual 5K walk/run event. Join us! 

Between now and the end of the 2016 calendar year, 5K4MJ supporters can expect to see a transition of identity – both visually and socially.  We’re still hosting our 5th annual 5K4MJ Running with Wings 5K Walk/Run Event on the 27th of August – and we hope to see you, your families, and your friends there to walk and run our 5K route at Heritage Park in Olathe, Kansas.  Online registration is now open! Let’s make it a record breaking year.